Energy Efficient Custom Windows Scottsboro AL

Replacing old drafty windows with new, energy efficient ones will not only improve your comfort, but also lower your energy costs. Typically, drafty windows lose up to 25% of heated and cooled air.

Window experts can help you choose the right style and material for your home. They can also assist with new construction and remodeling projects.


Your business’s windows are a highly visible space that can be used to convey a marketing message. Window clings and decals can be customized to suit your brand’s needs, and they are an effective way to draw attention from passersby.

Replacing drafty windows is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home and save money on energy bills. According to the Department of Energy, heat and cool air lost through drafty windows accounts for 25-30% of your energy costs.

Our Scottsboro AL window installation service offers a variety of vinyl replacement windows for homes in need of energy efficiency and durability. Aluminum windows are also available, and they provide a sleek appearance. However, they are not as energy-efficient as wood or vinyl.


A wood window offers a classic, traditional look. It is more expensive than some other types of windows, but it offers excellent energy efficiency and durability. Wooden frames are also easy to paint, allowing you to choose a color that perfectly matches your home’s aesthetic.

Aluminum windows are lightweight and strong, ideal for commercial projects. They’re not as energy-efficient as vinyl or wood, but they’re a great choice for modern homes with a sleek look.

A nail fin installation involves attaching a new window to the frame using a “fin” that is nailed directly into the wall. This method is a popular choice for new construction, but can also be used in remodeling projects. Our Scottsboro window installation experts are experienced in nail fin installations.


Window replacement companies offer a variety of different types and sizes. They can also install custom windows that will allow natural light to flood your space. Window experts can help you choose the right type for your home and budget.

Energy efficient custom windows reduce heat or cool air loss and lower your energy bills. They are an excellent choice for new homes, but can also be installed in existing homes. Drafty windows can account for 25-30% of your heating and cooling costs.

Look for a window installation service that offers aluminum products. Marvin’s aluminum-clad windows are made of extruded aluminum on the inside and outside, offering a premium look. They also provide durability and are less likely to rust. Their interiors are also low-gloss and easy to clean.


Slider windows open horizontally and are a great option for tight spaces. They have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance than other window styles. They also come with a variety of glass options and colors to fit your home’s design.

Our sliding windows are available in a single or double-slider model. Double slider windows have movable sashes that can open left or right, giving you more control over airflow. Our sliders feature self-lubricating rollers and rounded sill corners that allow for easy cleaning from inside your home.

Sliding windows are also ideal for new construction or extensive remodeling projects. Our team can easily install them into existing openings or replace old ones. Our windows are engineered for energy efficiency with insulating multi-chambered sashes and mainframes.

Nail Fin

Window replacement can increase your home’s value and make it more energy-efficient. According to the Department of Energy, drafty windows can account for 25-30% of heating and cooling costs. Having windows that allow you to open them and let in fresh air and sunlight can help lower your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

Our Scottsboro window installation team is highly proficient at nail fin window installations. These windows are used in new construction projects when durability is a priority.

Non-integral nailing fins have the advantage of being flexible and can be cut down to size. This allows the windows to be installed with a smaller hole in the wall sheathing and reduces the amount of damage caused by wayward hammer blows. The back side of the nailing fin should be sealed with self-adhering flashing to protect against water penetration.