Casement Windows in Scottsboro AL

Unlike some other window types, casement windows operate using a crank handle and provide maximum ventilation. They can also enhance the aesthetics of any home.

The average cost of casement windows in Scottsboro AL can range from $500 to $1,000 for materials and installation. The exact amount will depend on several factors, including your frame material and installation method.


With a sleek design and clean lines, casement windows offer a modern look. They also feature larger glass panes with minimal framing, allowing for unobstructed views and plenty of natural light. Unlike sliding windows, which open horizontally, casement windows have an ironclad seal when closed, preventing air leaks and cutting your energy costs.

Casement windows are also more secure, thanks to a stronger latch and crank. Intruders are less likely to break the glass than on double-hung windows, which require an extra step to unlock.

Most casement windows have low-e glass, which is engineered to allow for visibility while reducing heat transfer and lowering your energy costs. They can also be insulated with argon gas, which boosts their R-value to as high as 67 percent. Our window installation experts recommend selecting casement windows with this energy-efficient option if you are investing in new construction.

Easy to operate

Our casement windows hinge outward from either the left or right with hardware that tucks away into a recessed opening when not in use. They offer top-to-bottom ventilation when fully open and can be easily opened from inside the home.

They feature a sleek design with minimal components that make them easy to maintain. They also come with a locking mechanism that can be accessed from the inside, making them a great choice for hard-to-reach locations, such as above counters and cabinets.

Our Scottsboro window installation team is skilled in nail fin installations, which involve securing the new windows to the frame using nails that are nailed directly into the studs. This method makes the windows durable and secure and is a popular option for new construction projects. It is important to choose a professional installer to ensure the nail fins are properly secured to avoid rusting and other issues over time. Our team can install wood, vinyl, and steel windows for residential and commercial window replacement projects.

Convenient cleaning

Unlike traditional sliding windows, which open horizontally along a track, casement windows operate similar to an awning window, with hinges that swing outward from the right or left. This allows them to provide top-to-bottom ventilation, making them perfect for areas that are hard to reach, such as above cabinets or counters.

Crank casement windows also make cleaning easier than other window types by allowing you to access both sides of the glass from inside your home. This feature is especially convenient for homes that have children or elderly family members, who may not be able to reach or clean their traditional windows without help.

Depending on your region, it’s important to regularly maintain crank casement windows by wiping down operator arms, hinges and locks with a soft cloth to remove dirt and debris that can affect their operation. You can also lubricate your hardware screws to keep your crank windows functioning smoothly. Lubrication should be done sparingly, however, to avoid excess build-up.

Aesthetically pleasing

If you want the expansive views and abundant natural light of a picture window with the ability to open and let in fresh air, casement windows are the perfect option. Their side-hinge design combines modern aesthetics and functionality, and the convenient crank mechanism makes them easy to operate, even in hard-to-reach places like above cabinets or counters.

Energy efficiency is another reason to choose casement windows, as their tightly-closed seals minimize air infiltration and lower heating and cooling costs. They also feature multiple locking points for enhanced security. To make your windows even more efficient, consider adding Low-E glass coatings or window tint to reduce heat transfer and glare.

When shopping for casement windows, keep in mind that additional customizations, glazing options, and installation add-ons can raise the cost per window. To ensure you get the best price, speak to a window contractor for pricing details catered to your specific project. Use Modernize to connect with reliable local contractors today.