Door Styles Scottsboro AL

Door styles Scottsboro AL

Door styles Scottsboro AL play a critical role in your home’s aesthetic, security, and comfort. These doors must be tough against the elements while providing style and functionality.

Wood-paneled doors provide a classic look that complements any home design. They can be carved or stained for added charm and durability.

Traditional with side glass

Flanked on each side with full light sidelights, this front door brings natural light into the home for a bright, welcoming entryway. It showcases traditional style and sophistication with durability.

Steel entry doors are valued for their strength against forced entry and the ability to withstand Scottsboro weather. They are customizable and provide excellent insulation, reducing energy costs in the home.

Arched top

Your entry door plays a big role in your home’s curb appeal and personality. Wood doors offer classic beauty that can be carved or stained to match any style. They require more maintenance than fiberglass, but they’re durable against forced entry and weather conditions.

Steel entry doors are a popular choice for Scottsboro homes because they’re strong and resistant to corrosion and rust. They also provide good insulation and security.

Modern farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse interior doors lean toward the wooden look and feature a natural finish. They’re available in a variety of upscale styles to complement your Farmhouse vision.

JELD-WEN offers a full range of interior doors that provide the style, stability, and performance you need to champion the Farmhouse aesthetic. Our curated style resources can help you prepare for these discussions with dealers and clients.


Craftsman doors can blend with a variety of home styles. They typically have glass panels in the upper one-third and wooden panel moldings in the lower two thirds.

Burano’s molded interior door options like the Winslow provide a timeless look that compliments Craftsman homes. These solid-core doors are also more resistant to swelling and rot compared to wood doors.

The Masonite HD Hollister exterior steel doors offer a modern-looking option that reflects the attention to detail that Craftsman homes are known for. This series offers simple Shaker and ovolo profiles with sleek direct-glazed doors.


Sliding windows operate horizontally, making them ideal for tight spaces in your Scottsboro home. They also allow more natural light in and can be outfitted with screens to help keep the air flowing.

You can choose from upper and lower rail sliding doors, suspended sliding doors, barn doors, ghost doors or partition sliding doors. Each design has its unique characteristics. For example, suspended sliding doors hide the tracks and hardware accessories while ghost doors only show the door panel.

Battened and ledged

Wood entry doors offer a warm and welcoming aesthetic to your home. They can be stained or painted to match your personal style. They are also energy-efficient and durable.

Batten doors are constructed with horizontal ledges and diagonal braces. This provides additional support and reduces the chance of warping or rotting. These doors are usually framed and can be made in natural or engineered woods.


Dutch doors are a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. They let in natural sun rays and gentle breezes while keeping pets, kids, or unwanted critters out.

Stylish and highly customizable, they can complement any style of home. Choose a wood-paneled entry door to create a farmhouse feel or try a barn Dutch door in your laundry room for a cozy corral of dirty clothes.


Fiberglass doors are durable and offer the look of wood without the maintenance. Their solid core also enhances energy efficiency. They are perfect for Scottsboro homeowners who want a balance of style and durability. Some come with molded raised panels and period details like dentil shelves and wrought iron grilles.

Unlike wood, fiberglass doesn’t shrink and swell, so it won’t stick in summer or let drafts in during winter. Its smooth surface easily maintains its appearance, and a dark stain or paint will last for years.


The entry door is a critical part of a home’s security, style, and energy efficiency. Local dealers can help Scottsboro homeowners select and install doors that meet their specific requirements.

Composite doors are a durable option for the entryway, and they come in several styles that complement any architectural design. These doors are a good choice for areas with extreme weather conditions.