Patio Doors in Scottsboro AL

Patio doors create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living areas. They also flood your home with natural light, reducing the amount of money you spend on artificial lights.

US Window & Door offers a variety of patio doors, each with its own unique qualities. Our knowledgeable staff can help you make an informed decision about the best style for your Scottsboro AL home.


When homeowners shop for patio doors, they want a style that meshes well with the exterior of their home and complements their color scheme. But they also look for specific features like improved insulative properties and higher levels of UV protection to keep indoor living spaces comfortable.

Sliding patio doors provide the added benefit of natural light, which reduces the need for artificial lighting during most of the day and lowers energy costs. They’re also available with larger pane sizes to offer better views, which are a major selling point for buyers and can boost a property’s resale value.

When a homeowner’s sliding door starts to exhibit signs of wear and tear, it’s often time for patio door replacement. Obvious damage to the frame, visible cracks in the seals, or fogginess between glass panes can indicate that the door is no longer providing effective insulative protection for indoor living areas. It may be allowing cold drafts to creep into the home in winter or letting air-conditioned air out during summer.


Patio doors come with a variety of locking arrangements that ensure that no one can open them from outside. For instance, most have multi-point locks that secure both the upper and lower parts of the door thereby ensuring tighter door insulation compression. They also have a security bolt that engages and locks into the top of the working door frame for added safety.

Sliding patio doors allow plenty of natural sunlight to flood into homes, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting and lowering electricity bills. Moreover, they promote better ventilation and air circulation within the home, making it healthier and more comfortable for families with allergy sufferers or those suffering from respiratory conditions.

US Window & Door presents a treasure trove of options in patio doors that are designed with both style and function in mind. From the Milgard Trinsic line to its Tuscany series, each option is geared toward different purposes while offering quality, value, safety, and security.

Energy Efficiency

Patio doors are a key connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces during temperate seasons. They also flood the home with natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting and helping homeowners lower their energy bills.

Whether they feature an accordion appearance or are constructed in-swing French designs, patio doors are durable and built to last for years to come. Their sturdy materials and locking systems protect the house from rain and wind, while their insulating capabilities keep the interior warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Energy efficiency is important to many homeowners, and the right patio door style will help maximize that performance. Manufacturers like Milgard design patio doors with insulated glass panes that bounce harmful UV rays back outside, insulate, and help the homeowner maintain an even room temperature. For more information about the best patio doors for energy efficiency, contact a US Window & Door expert today.


Patio doors are beautiful and can transform the entire look of your home. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles, so they can match almost any style of house. They also let in natural light, which can boost your home’s energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

They can also be fitted with Low-E glass and argon for energy efficiency, and they are resistant to break-ins and harsh outdoor elements. Some of them feature a built-in water barrier to protect your home from flooding and mudslides. They are also designed with steel ball bearings and interlock systems that prevent intruders from opening them from the outside.

Whether you choose Masonite French doors or the state-of-the-art alternatives offered by US Window & Door, you’ll find that they’re not only strong and durable but aesthetically pleasing. They give your home a seamless transition from inside to outside, with incredible views and ample natural lighting.