Benefits of Replacement Windows in Scottsboro AL

Replacement windows Scottsboro AL

New windows can dramatically improve the beauty of your home, inside and out. Choosing wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows with interior and exterior finishes that match your style will add to the curb appeal of your home.

New windows can help you sleep better and relax easier at home by quieting noise from the outside world. Today’s windows can also save you time with convenient features like between-the-glass blinds and sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning.

Energy Star Certified

Windows are a major investment that can boost the value of your home and improve energy efficiency. Local window replacement specialists can install new frames that seal drafts and keep conditioned air inside, lowering monthly utility bills. They can also reduce glare and solar heat gain while blocking harmful ultraviolet radiation.

ENERGY STAR-certified windows, doors, and skylights use less energy, which lowers energy bills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and homes. ENERGY STAR products meet stringent performance criteria that exceed basic building code requirements and vary by climate.

Many utilities offer rebates and other financial incentives for installing ENERGY STAR-certified windows, or making other energy efficiency improvements. You can also claim a federal tax credit for the installation of ENERGY STAR-certified windows, and doors. Look for whole-unit U-factors and SHGCs, which more accurately reflect the energy performance of the entire window. Also be sure to follow manufacturer installation instructions, as ignoring them may void your warranty.

Tax Breaks

Whether you’re building your dream home or simply renovating, installing energy efficient replacement windows is an investment in the comfort and value of your property. And thanks to new tax credits, it’s easier than ever to save on your monthly energy bills with the right windows.

A professional window expert can help you find the right style and type of windows for your home. They can also help you choose the best colors, finishes and other details that complement your home’s design. And they’ll take the time to explain how different windows can affect your budget and home’s energy efficiency.

Replacing old windows is one of the most valuable renovations you can do for your property. You’ll save on electricity costs and increase your home’s resale value. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of your new windows immediately. So what are you waiting for? Get started with a free quote from a local window expert.


Depending on your preferences and budget, there are many aesthetics available. For instance, wood replacement windows provide an elegant look that boosts resale value. Alternatively, vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows offer efficiency and durability at an affordable price. They also feature wood-look finishes to give the aesthetic of traditional windows without the maintenance.

Homeowners who want a more contemporary look can opt for aluminum replacement windows. While they have a reputation for being a poor conductor of heat, newer models reduce energy costs by reducing the amount of air that passes through them.

Window replacement is a costly investment, but it can improve the functionality of your home and add curb appeal. If you are ready to upgrade, find a local window pro on Houzz by entering your ZIP code and narrowing your search in the Professionals section of the website. You can skim reviews and images of completed projects to find a contractor who meets your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Windows can make or break your home’s energy efficiency. If you have old or damaged windows, they can leak air and let cold or hot outside air in, which will cost you money. But with today’s technological advances, new replacement windows are built to be more energy efficient.

Look for ENERGY STAR and NFRC labels on the windows to compare their energy efficiency. You’ll want to select windows with low U-factors for thermal resistance in cold climates, and low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) for reduced solar radiation in warm weather. Proper installation is also important to maximizing energy efficiency, so be sure to have your windows installed by trained professionals according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Adding caulking and weather stripping can further reduce energy loss.